PT Win Thermal Solusindo Hosts FEB UNTAR Students

PT Win Thermal Solusindo Hosts FEB UNTAR Students: Bridging Academia

26 April 2024

On April 26, 2024, the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Tarumanagara (UNTAR) organized a visit to PT. Win Termal Solusindo (WITS), a leading company in thermal solutions. This event aimed to provide practical insights to students about the industrial and business world, and strengthen the relationship between academia and industry. The visit began with an office tour showcasing various departments and operations at PT. WITS, giving a real-world view of how the company operates and innovates in the thermal industry.

Office Tour at PT. Win Termal Solusindo

During the office tour, FEB UNTAR students had the opportunity to observe the working processes at PT. WITS firsthand. They were guided around by the company’s team who explained every operational detail, from product development to marketing strategies. Additionally, the students engaged in discussions with several PT. WITS employees to better understand the work dynamics and challenges faced by the company. This activity provided invaluable experiences that are not available in the classroom.

Product Development and Innovation at PT. WITS

The PT. WITS team introduced various departments playing crucial roles in product development and innovation. FEB UNTAR students were shown how the R&D (Research and Development) team works in designing efficient and innovative thermal products. This process involves thorough research and testing to ensure the products meet quality standards and market needs.

Marketing Strategies and Operations

Besides product development, students also gained insights into the marketing strategies employed by PT. WITS. The marketing team explained the various strategies used to market their thermal products, from market analysis to digital marketing campaigns. This knowledge provided students with a real understanding of the importance of effective marketing strategies in supporting business success.

Presentation of Business Ideas and Canvas by FEB UNTAR Students

A highlight of this visit was the presentation of business ideas and canvas by FEB UNTAR students to the CEO of PT. WITS. In this session, each student group presented their innovative business ideas. These presentations not only showcased the students’ creativity and strategic thinking but also served as a learning opportunity through constructive feedback from the CEO and his management team. This was a golden opportunity for students to gain direct insights from industry practitioners.

Constructive Feedback from PT. WITS CEO

After the presentations, the CEO of PT. WITS provided valuable feedback to each student group. He offered advice on how their business ideas could be further developed and applied in the real world. This discussion helped students better understand critical aspects of business planning and how to tackle potential challenges.

Interactive Q&A and Discussion Session

The visit concluded with an interactive Q&A and discussion session between the students and PT. WITS representatives. In this session, various questions were asked regarding company operations, business strategies, and career opportunities in the thermal industry. This discussion aimed to inspire FEB UNTAR students to continue developing innovative ideas and courageously pursue careers in the industrial sector.

Career Opportunities in the Thermal Industry

Students gained insights into various career opportunities available in the thermal industry. The HRD team of PT. WITS explained the different positions available and the qualifications required. This information was very useful for students who wish to pursue a career in this sector after graduating from university.

Successful Business Strategies

Students also received tips and strategies on how to build a successful business in the thermal industry. PT. WITS management shared their experiences regarding the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. This knowledge is invaluable for students interested in business and entrepreneurship.


The visit of FEB UNTAR students to PT. Win Termal Solusindo was part of UNTAR’s effort to bridge the gap between academia and industry. This event provided practical insights and valuable experiences for the students, preparing graduates who are ready to compete in the global job market. By gaining direct insights from industry practitioners, students are expected to develop innovative ideas and courageously pursue careers in the industrial sector.

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